Decision-Making and Coffee

Boy, I love making my titles random! Anyway, this random quote from George Washington should explain the title and make it not quite as random…

“Decision-making, like coffee, needs a cooling process.”

-George Washington

Like I said, a random quote to make it the random title less random. Wow, sounds like this post’s pretty… random. Here’s a kind of random story, too. It’s based on tobyMac’s song Me Without You.

Me Without You – Courtney Cook

So, enjoy the randomness! 😉

One comment

  1. thanks! I needed that! love the story! like I told mandie, i’ll check my emails later, as there are wayyyyy too many to read at eleven o’clock at night. xD cant wait to get back, though, warning, I will be moving to new York city in a few years to go to college, and live life! xD
    till life goes on…


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