1. Well… I can’t remember if I’ve met you already or not (at Emily’s birthday?) but she’s told me about both of you, and she *might* have mentioned me as her (annoying creepy delusional otaku) friend. But in any case, it’s nice to meet you, albeit online. Cx I really like your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. c:


    1. Thanks!!! I don’t think we’ve met, but Em has mentioned you (a lot). I do hope we get to meet soon… But I have to warn you, I am pretty… unique. XD I’m glad you like my blog, and it’s nice to meet you, too! 😀


  2. Um, actually you guys did meet at my birthday party….gee, thanks for remembering!!! JK! It was at Incredible Pizza, remember? Annie and McKinley were there, too…not ringing any bells?


  3. Well, anyway, Brilliant Bob, what did we decide about the Coba ruin? Are we using the Temple or not? I cant remember. I spent all last night memorizing who you and Mandie were. xD I finally got it…I think. Post more amazing stories, my dear! Love you!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see you at the party and at the concert!!!!! Leeland is still better than Tobymac….


  4. Hmmm. Did we just say we’d figure it out when we got there? *slaps self* Cant remember!
    So, it’s already a discovered temple, obviously, so maybe they stay there for the night, when they wake up, see a nasty snake or something, freak out, run away, and end up finding that the walls are lined with gold or something?


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